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"No Limits" is a term ingrained deep into the lives of these two female attorneys. Both entered law school, having overcome adversity, and with an established career and family, but each also had a desire for pursuing justice. Quickly recognizing each other as non-traditional law students, they developed a relationship that involved support and encouragement to go beyond societal expectations.
During law school both women experienced the joy of motherhood as well as the stress of managing dual roles as new mom and rigorous law student. Their hard work and sacrifice came from being their own trailblazers and wanting more for themselves and their families.
Their achievements in law school are indicators of their drive and ambition and their ability to handle any task at hand.  
Together, they are resilient, collaborative, thought leaders, with a shared vision of representing clients with compassion and integrity.

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Mission & Values

HZ Law is dedicated to providing high-quality professional legal services. Our unique background sets us apart from various other run-of-the-mill law firms. With our lived experiences, we understand that each client has their own story. Our primary focus is to listen and understand our client’s issues and work diligently to solve their legal matters. We approach each case with the best interest of the client at hand and vow to uphold tenets of loyalty, honesty and integrity with our representation.

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